What is AsaaseGPS ?

AsaaseGPS. Re-Addressing Nations

AsaaseGPS is the world’s first official digital addressing system for countries. Using a grid, the system assigns a unique digital address to every five meter square of landed property.

We offer locally relevant and country-specific solutions such as the GhanaPost GPS. This was recently launched by the Ghanaian government as the Nation's Official Property Addressing System. The word Asaase is derived from the Akan language in Ghana which means 'land'.

Products and Services

Products and Services that come with AsaaseGPS Digital Address System

National Address Registry
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The National Address Registry is a database which holds every citizen’s address and information. This becomes the main reference register for background checks and national planning for housing and population censuses.

National Post Codes
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AsaaseGPS assigns unique postcodes to enable effective management and administration of postal services. Currently being used by Ghana Post to enhance service delivery to customers

Emergency Services
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AsaaseGPS integrates with emergency services. With built-in emergency panic buttons, precise locations are shared without delay with emergency services (Police, Ambulance and Fire-fighters) for rapid deployment and response.

Postal Services
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Provides an enhanced sorting solution leading to a significant reduction in human error. The distinctive structure of the digital address contributes to making the sorting process much easier

Address Verification
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AsaaseGPS Address Verification System (AVS) is a system used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a property

Navigation System
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Provides flexible navigation system for location routing

Problems With Traditional Addressing Systems

High Cost of Street Naming

Poor addressing costs businesses billions of dollars and hampers the growth and development of entire nations.

Poor Addressing Systems

Majority of the locations in Africa suffer from poor or inadequate addressing systems.

Remote Areas Not Covered

People in some remote areas are unable to get deliveries or receive aid especially when there are few or no identifiable landmarks

Addresses Are Difficult to Share.

Directing people from one place to the other is usually a difficult task as the various landmarks and locations relied upon keep changing.

Lack of integration

The rigid nature of Traditional Addressing makes it difficult for third party companies to integrate and utilize the address database to improve their businesses

High cost of maintenance

Majority of the locations in the world suffer from poor or inadequate addressing systems.

Why AsaaseGPS

Benefits of Using the system

No Cost

Users of the system are not required to make any payment

Fast and Reliable

Users can generate and search address of any location instantly

Smart and Trusted

Gives accurate information of any location.

Easy to memorize

AsaaseGPS digital addresses are formed from Administrative names of locations (Region, District, Town)

Cross platform

AsaaseGPS runs on multiple platforms. (Android, IOS, Web)

Easy to use

With intuitive design, users can easily access the functionalites of the system with just a tap

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